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About Us

Our family-owned company works to provide lean and delicious half-shell oysters from one of the most diverse estuaries in the United States. As a small local business with a full-time crew of 4 farmhands, we work to ensure the highest quality product with accommodating customer service.

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Our Product

A day on the New Reef oyster farm begins with harvesting bags of fresh Mon Louis oysters. Our workers then transport them back to our shop. After our oysters are cleaned and sorted through a tumbler, our expert farmhands fill each buyer’s specific request.

At every step of sustainable aquaculture, from the water to the market, our farmers focus on quality. Our customers know that they are getting exceptional Mon Louis Island oysters every time from New Reef Oysters Company.

Nutritional Information

Oysters are an excellent source of lean protein with high levels of selenium, B vitamins, and zinc. These nutrients promote a healthy heart, bone density, and a stronger immune system.

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